Measure of a Man

"You sound like man at the docks." Lafayette said. "Not entirely the same string of questioning, though close. My family is unimportant. We were not know in my home land so it would be fruitless." he explained pondering the next answer all the while. "I simply came to live in a new place, that is not illegal correct?" he posed a question in return. Though he knew the answer, his home was just now allowed to travel again. After the travel embargo was lifted after the revolution. "I don't currently work. So to answer that final two questions I do nothing and do not have to work. I fear not working may lead to me becoming lazy." he said finishing the glass.

“Illegal?” He said slowly and shrugged. “I would think it would depend on where you want to live. You cannot just pick a place and live, you must have permission from the one who owns the land.” He advises. “Living is not forbidden, but squatting is. As long as you have the grace of the one who owns the place you live, it is legal and fine. Though he may wish payment for the right to live there.” He laughed, wondering if this was news to the man.

His eyes drifted to the tent. "Would you really allow a stranger to share a tent with your wife? I don't meet many who are so easily trusting of a man to share sleeping quarters with his wife." Lafayette said closing his trunk and latching it shut with a baritone click as it latched.

Kline looked over at the tent, then back to the fire. “You honestly think you could do anything she did not desire you to do?” He replied and shrugged. “I have no reason to think she would betray me, and if she wishes you to do anything, I respect her choice. She is capable, lovely, and wise, the respect she has from me would not be diminished by any choice she made with you.” He picked up a stick and poked the fire. “Question is, are you the sort of man to go after a married person?”

He turned a log over, hundreds of flickering embers burst into the air over the flames. "I mean, let us be honest, if you suspect someone is involved with another, what sort of person then tries to engage in that?" He looks across the fire. "Do you respect them truly if you would be willing to risk the happiness they have just for your own pleasure? Is the sating of your own lust and passion so important that you care not for the relationships or connections others have?" He asked pointedly. "I would think a person who cares so little for others has a problem with honor. A problem that could lead to much pain and sadness." He shrugged.

"Will you be turning in then?" He asked and gave Lafayette a smile. "I can stand watch, I will wake you in a few hours."

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