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Summary: That shadow amongst the trees with piercing blue eyes.


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, 30-35 ish

Group: Others

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Lycan / Mage stuck in polymorph form


Excellent tracker
Excellent sneaker
Reasonably good thief (mostly of food)
Potentially quite vicious but tends to resort to violence (against sentients) as a last resort


Locals sometimes refer to him as the Dire Wolf or the Forest's Eyes

Physical Appearance

Wolf is... or at least appears to be... a huge dark grey wolf with distinctive blue eyes. Long buried beneath his ruff is a chain on which a small medallion hangs. Most folk don't stick around long enough to distinguish anything other than that he is a large predator.

Personality and interests

Wolf is a human mind in a wolf's body, though much of the human has eroded over time. This makes him unusually intelligent for his kind but his form limits his ability to communicate with the people of the Two Kingdoms. His focus is basically food and whilst he is a good hunter he is not above scavenging from camps or taking handouts from anyone willing to offer. Seems his appetite is difficult to quell.


Wolf has been a wolf for so long he has essentially forgotten he was anything else. It has certainly been several decades since he ran on two legs but time doesn't register in the same way to the Canid body. The medallion about his neck is ornate and studded with blue gemstones that match the colour of his eyes. It suggests a link with nobility though one would need a closer inspection to figure out what family he was part of. Or owned by. He has been hunting in a particular stretch of woodland for at least a decade. Long enough for him to be known by the locals and generally avoided. His habit of distracting would-be outlaw attacks has given a little bit of a revered status, perceived as a watchful, if dangerous, guardian of the forest.

Favourite food

Probably boar but he really isn't that fussy

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Image of Wolf
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