Let's Fix That

-Dalen Forest, East of Ragodast, 0 DSTR-

Thierri was pleased to see that the momentary trust he had placed in the wolf had not been in vain. He did not want to have to fight the creature, he was far too curious. It was a curiosity that he was certain would only be answered if the animal was alive. For example, with the animal alive, he could very plainly see its reaction to his mentioning of food. Narrowing his eyes, he leaned forward and rested his left forearm on the top rim of his shield. Tilting his head to the side, he studied the wolf's movements.

Satisfied, he sat back up and nodded before speaking, "So, you can understand me? That means you are either a mage who got stuck in a spell they weren't strong enough for or you are a werewolf. However, I'm leaning more towards the latter, because that would explain your scent." Nodding, he leaned back forward with a grin, both arms crossing at the forearms before resting on the shield. Grinning down at the wolf, he continued, "Well, if you are a werewolf, I guess it is only fair to tell you about myself. I am a werebear, from a kingdom not too far from here."

Sitting back as he looked through the trees and beyond their clearing, he nodded and smiled before speaking, "How about I help you hunt?"

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