A Kind Offer

-Barber's Shop, Ragodast. Late afternoon, 1 DSTR-

Isai was not terribly surprised by the fact that Auriel had succeeded in meeting him at the door, for Barble was well known for his fine quality as well as his slow and steady attitude. However, the wait was well worth it when you bit into the meat and found not a hint of gristle or any other distasteful surprise. Regarding her with raised brows when she asked if he needed any help with carrying the meats, he glanced down at the two parcels wrapped in brown butcher paper. Offering the larger of the two. The pork belly for tonight, he nodded before speaking, "If you don't mind, it would be appreciated."

Stepping away from the shop and towards the road, he looked around for a second before shifting his gaze to her and speaking, "I trust you were able to find transportation for us? I see that the clients are not with us, hopefully they don't get too lost." Turning to face her more directly, he smirked slightly before speaking, "Lars will be happy to see you. She has been increasing her sales with the interest of investing the profits, and she always loves to hear of your progress."

Looking back to the road, he saw from the corner of his eyes a greasy man with stringy hair watching a young woman walk by. He was missing a few fingers and teeth, but that did not stop him from gesturing very rudely at the woman with very provocative intent. Snorting in disgust, Isai turned his gaze away and looked squarely towards the road, willing their transport to arrive before he lost his patience with the swine.

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