---- Dalen Capital, Gularzob's Shop, mid-afternoon 0 DSTR ----

Artem was truly surprised to hear that Gularzob had actually been the one to forge king Asgurts sword. He had never heard of this, but now that he'd seen some of the orcs works then he didn't doubt his word.

Nodding without a word he followed the orcs directions as he pointed him towards Isai. This was going to be the most risky part of this fraud. If their papers of nobility didn't look authentic then it would be the end of them. Unfortunately, this was also the part he couldn't understand or make sure was done correctly in anyway since he was unable to read, which meant he would have to trust in Isais skills entirely.

Calmly he walked over to the man and glanced down the papers in front of him, pretending to understand the words upon it before speaking "Allright, what informations do you need?".

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