Being honest

---- Some Establishment in the Border Forest, Early Evening, 0 DSTR ----

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Gareth just quietly followed Ceriden, curious about what their room was going to look like.

Even though they had been told that they were able to get a separate bed each, he was still a bit surprised to see that this was true. As Ceriden was quick to pick one of the beds, Gareth hesitated a little before approaching his. As far as he could remember he'd never tried to sleep in a real bed before. Hesitantly he approached the bed and let his and slide across it, feeling how soft it was compared to the cold bricks or wet forest floor he'd been used to.

Then Ceriden words interrupted his thoughts [i]"Are you hungry at all? I know I am."[\i]. This made him turn around quickly and look at Ceriden. "Uhm... Maybe a little, but it's nothing to worry about" he said with a wry smile before looking away. He really wasn't that hungry, but of course he could always eat something, he just didn't want to cause any trouble. "I'll proably just go to bed for now and then find something in the forest tomorrow after we've left.". That would certainly be the easiest and the cheapest, and since they were in a Forrest he assumed it would be possible to find some kind of small animal to prey on.

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