Benefit of the doubt.

-Dalen Forest, East of Ragodast, 0 DSTR-

Wolf looked back at the man as he hypothesised over the apparent-animal's condition. He cocked his head to the side in confusion. The man was confident in himself, which was reassuring. Perhaps he was right, maybe he was a werewolf... but he couldn't remember. All he knew was being Wolf and being unendingly hungry. When the man mentioned being a wearbear, the Wolf's head cocked the other way in a faint expression of surprise.

At the prospect of a hunt, Wolf stood up, stretched and shook himself thoroughly. He then yawned, sniffed the air for a few moments before his snout dropped to the ground. Moving forward, the wolf seemed engrossed in the scent. After wandering off into the undergrowth his dark head popped up, blue eyes looking expectantly back at the man. He couldn't remember hunting with a man -or a wearbear for that matter- but he simply was too hungry to care, and willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that the man wasn't going to cage or kill him.

--Tag Theirri--

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