Taking Account

-The Cartagan Orchard. Early morning, 2 DSTR-

Standing at the large double doors Randel smiled, a practiced and warm smile. “I am Mr Randel Cartwright, a pleasure to meet you.” He said with a formal nod of introduction and a removal of his hat, his manners practiced and fluid. Tyreth stepped aside to allow him to enter, his manners seemed to be quite well practiced and smooth, hospitality was something he was clearly trained in. As a money lender you learn to expect many reactions, some are violent, some are rude, and some are just pathetic. Tyreth was asserting his dominance and control of the situation, Randel could see that, and he smiled, looking Tyreth over from head to toe.

All of his plans were hinged at points, parts had to move just so to prepare of the changes he had in order. The art of it would be that he would undermine the Queen, and no one would even think it was happening, it would all feel as if it were natural, it was all the will of the gods. It would require people thinking it were divine mandate to unseat her, she was popular after all.

Randel entered the room with powerful wide steps and looked about the entryway. He paused, his men stayed outside and ne nodded. His men stayed outside, giving Tyreth a proper nod of the head. Randel did not keep slaves, he could if he wanted, but all of his workers were former slaves, bought and freed. Loyalty from them was priceless, and he knew it. He did not see a slave in the house, and he paused with his coat on wondering who would take it.

“I have just come to settle the debts your Uncle incurred, and I know you may think that his debt may have perished with him, this is not the case.” He said hedging off the lads protest he knew would come. “He used the orchard as collateral in these dealings and so if his failure came to pay these debts then I would take possession of all or part of the land, depending on the assay of the land.” He patted the box. “I of course have all the legal documentation signed and witnessed, and to be truthful I am shocked at your Uncle’s demise. I have no desire to own this land, farming is not something I wish to do.”

“However, I am willing to come to some agreement with you, if you wish.” He kept the box with the documents and the ledger under his arm as he stood there in the entryway. “Of course, if you wish, you can make the trip out to my office.” He took out his calling card and offered it, pinched between two fingers. “I will of course have patience, but legal affairs require I cannot afford all of the time in the world. I can give you a day or so before we talk of these matters.”

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