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Summary: A large, sneaky squirrel that was cursed by a group of dark necromancer with the ability to talk.


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Gender: Male

Age: 4

Group: Others

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Squirrel, it was mutated after an onslaught of spells from a group of curious necromancer in a small, hidden cave in the south edge of the forest.


Collect foods, such as fruits and nuts. Stealing from merchant stands.


No rank, but he is on the hunt for a caring owner.

Physical Appearance

A blackish brey squirrel, with luminous blue eyes. He is twice the size of a normal squirrel, and is able to talk. He has a small nose, sleek fur and a fluffy tail. He has a a barely visible blue pattern along his back that was caused by the magic.

Personality and interests

Jestful, talkative, greedy, Always happy. He doesn't know when to stop talking and is good at spying and sneaking around. Always sleeps for long lengths of time, and is difficult to wake up.


He was born into a family of six squirrels. When he came of age to explore, he ventured into a cave. He was quickly snatched up and experimented on by a group of necromancer living within. They tried many spells, and after a year of this torture, he was given strange abilities. He was able to speak and learned vocal language, he doubled in size, his eyes glow a luminous blue and a similar blue color is barely noticable on his back. He escaped when he cracked open the cage and ran out the tunnel. He had no idea where he was, so he traveled north and arrived at the kingdom of Dale. He has lived a life of living in the shadows ever since.

Favourite food

Coconut, he had it once and he loved it. He tries to steal them from the shops but can never open them. When he tried dropping it he killed a man. The crime went unsolved.

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Image of Mudnit
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