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Summary: Your friendly neighborhood courier.

Bismuth Gold (NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Half werewolf


A runner for the Ragodast garrison, and a damn good one at that. Manly works under both Sheriff Lithermoore and the infamous Adisla Styliane herself.


Prv. "Busy"

Physical Appearance

Bismuth stands about 5 feet and 7 inches. He is young and his face shows it. He has a more than full head of brownish red hair that ends just above his neck, and there's always a cheerful smile on his face and a gleam of joy in his green eyes. As far as his upper body, has an hardly acceptable build for a soldier. But most of the man's muscles reside in his legs, and boy does he use them.

Personality and interests

As his position and physique suggests, Busy is a runner. His speed is partially responsible for his carefree, and almost constantly oblivious additiude. He smiles in the face of danger, knowing he could leave danger in the dust with ease.


Bismuth was born into a family of soldiers. His father, his mother, his brother, hell, his grandmother was a general. The entire family had literal power flowing through their blood, and it was that of a werewolf. Any member of thier family was feared by their enimies, and respected by their peers.

Favourite food

Rice and chicken

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Image of Bismuth Gold (NPC)
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