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Summary: There's more to me then even I care to know . . .

Amelia Hawthorne

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Nobles of Verden

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Dalen currently


Half human, half mage


Healer, Amelia uses her powers and skills to help the people of her local area. Specializing in herbs.


Commoner - Or so she thinks

Physical Appearance

Long brown locks
Fair skin
Big bright eyes
Dresses in clean attire
Wears jewelry that belonged to her mother

Personality and interests

Amelia keeps to herself. She is a kind but secretive person who doesn't prefer her own company but feels she must keep it. Her interest is in herb lore and has a particular curiosity about magic of resurrection, currently which is limited to bringing back rabbits from the forest she habits.


Amelia's life is one of constant shift. Born in Verden all her life she has moved from place to place in the country. Her parents were avid Kelmoran followers. After the life they lived, constantly being hunted until there was only her. Amelia decided to turn her back on the life she never wanted. Currently she inhabits in a small cottage on the border but safely on the Dalen side but close enough that if she ever needs to cross the border back into Verden she can merely by crossing the river.

Favourite food

When one has gone days without food, one isn't picky when you get whatever

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Image of Amelia Hawthorne
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