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Summary: I want to crush you.

Simon Jaeger

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: Soldiers of Verden

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Simon is a member of the Verden army, and his skill on the field of combat has placed him in a position of border patrol, allowing him to patrol the countryside and the city itself looking for possible threats that came over thw walls. He is particularly skilled in close quarters combat, unarmed combat, and mounted combat. He practices an approved form of magic in the sense that he has an anti-magic enchantment on his shield, effectively nullifying any magic if he blocks it with his shield.


Sir Jaeger
He is a captain in the Verden Army, allowing him to lead at least 200 men into combat.
His weaponry consists of a mace, axe, short dagger, and a shield.

Physical Appearance

He stands at 6'1" and weighs 240 pounds, a very muscular build that retains a degree of flexibility so that he does not become musclebound. He has short cropped brown hair and gray eyes, but he is very rarely seen outside of his suit of armor.

Personality and interests

Despite the fact that he is a Knight of Verden, Simon is best described as a very goofy man, liking to play jokes on his friends and even people that he does not know very well. He is easily humored, laughing at many things that others would usually not. He enjoys combat and will often spar against others in order to keep their skills up and to humor him. He enjoys walking through the forest and listening to the birds. He also rather enjoys sitting in the library and reading on his off time.


Simon was born into a long line of knights, which allowed him to begin training with the instructors from as soon as he could stand. He excelled through every class he took part in, beating many of his fellow students and frequently being pitted against opponents who were in upper classes. As he progressed, he mastered every weapon that was thrust into his hands. As he grew, in both age and stature, he was thrust into combat and soon went up against his first mage. The fight did not last long, with Simon coming out victorious but with grievous injuries from the magic attacks. When he recovered, he took a retreat to find an enchantment that would block magic attacks. Once he found it and a mage willing to cast it, he brought them both to his instructors and the armorers and requested that the enchantment be placed on his shield. With their permission, the spell was cast and only requires the sacrifice of magic blood across its surface to replenish the enchantment.

Favourite food

Roasted boar that he has killed with a crushing blow to its skull.

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Image of Simon Jaeger
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