Magical Assistance

-A Cottage Somewhere in the Bramblewood. Mid-Morning, 3 DSTR-

The island within the kitchen was covered by a large map of the border area and a small collection of stone bowls. Within two of them were a thick black mixture and the others held a variety of smoldering herbs that each gave off a thick smoke. Some of the smoke had an atrocious scent, whereas others were quite pleasant to smell. Their scents, however, were not what drew Simon's attention. Standing above the map, in shadowy form, was Sabina Hibiscus clutching to the grimoire she had stolen as if for dear life. They had no items of hers, so they had had to tell Cecile as much as they knew about both the grimoire and the girl so that they could be tracked. It had all seemed too much for Simon at the beginning of the ritual, but as he had seen their search area changing and morphing on the map, detailed by a light blue outline, he could not help but begin to see the legitimacy.

As Cecile chanted the same small incantation she had been repeating for the past 36 hours, Simon glanced up to see her daughters come over to her. Taking her hands, they lowered her down into a chair and pressed a wet rag to her forehead. Cooling her from the fever she had entered during the fifteenth hour was quintessential, or so her daughters had informed them. They had told Katya and him that if she stopped chanting, the whole process would have to begin again, if it was not lost entirely. Leaning forward over the map, he saw the blue border slowly pinching in on itself as if to form two circles. Watching the circles forming quickly, he closed his eyes in frustration when the break was complete and the circles violently pulled apart. Sighing as he stepped back, he punched the bridge of his nose with his right hand before looking up to the shadow images. The grimoire and Sabina were now separated. The grimoire was settled on its spine and moving in a swaying motion, very close to the motion it would take if it were being carried with a bag. Sabina was shown lying down, her hands at her face and her body seemingly racked with sobs.

Looking down from the smoke, he was caught slightly off guard to see that Cecile had stopped chanting and was instead staring straight at him and Katya. Swallowing thickly, he spoke in a scratchy voice, evidence of the silence the house had taken during the witch's chanting, "They have been separated somehow. Could you possibly narrow down the search area for them both?" He gestured towards the two bowls with the mixtures, created from the ash and charcoal of two sacred trees as well as a healthy dose of his and Katya's blood. Cecile narrowed her eyes slightly before nodding and pouring the contents of each bowl within a circle of their own. She returned to chanting, however the words were slightly different now, signaling silencd for the others in the room.

-Tag Katya-

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