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Summary: A soldier with a weak spot for beasts

William Vincent Clarke

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Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Soldiers of Verden

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William is a soldier for the king. He has been training in hand to hand combat since he was six years old, but he specializes in using dual swords in battle. His job is to walk the edge of Verden territory to check for unsolicited visitors and make sure that magic stays out of the kingdom.


He is a Lieutenant that serves his King and Captain- Captain indirectly with the occasional direct orders.

Physical Appearance

Stands at 6'2'', with a physique that allows both admirable strength and agility. Red hair that has been shaved at the bottom of his head, while leaving 4-5 inches of locks on the top that are sometimes pulled back. Square jawline with brown eyes, and constant furrowed brow that suggests either hostility or stress.

Personality and interests

He has a kind heart, and a weak spot for those who are magical by nature- not by practice. William finds time to visit the city of Dalen to learn their ways, normally on vacation. That and they have better whores in Dalen.


William is an only son, born in the house of 3 girls. His father gave him to the traveling swords group when they came searching for people to train; that was during the time that there was a dwindling number of soldiers.

He hasn't seen any of his family since he left. The only family he has is the brotherhood that is within his ranks.

Favourite food

Deer jerky

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Image of William Vincent Clarke
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