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Summary: Us Swine drink the finest wine and the days are fine for the finest swine. (Old Swinefolk Limerick.)

Leafus Firestarter

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Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Other, he lives in the wilds outside of Dalen. Only sometimes going to the capital to barter his wares.


Swinefolk- Pig-like people ruled over and hunted for sport by the Timber Crag people.


Hunter and survivalist. He lives in the woods inside makeshift shelters and occasionally travels to Dalen to trade his catches and supplies.


No rank, people often call him Pig, which is a very racial slur.

Physical Appearance

He is around 4'6, and pig-like in appearance. He has a mohawk, which is yellow and orange, and has dusty brown fur.

Personality and interests

He likes hunting, and being away from society. He is an amazing survivalist, which makes him crafty and clever. He is also strong, and uses his weapons skillfully. He finds it hard to trust others, since he has had that trust broken many times. He is also emotional and dislikes being the center of attention, especially if that attention is offensive towards him. He is good at building survival shelters and hunting rabbits with his axe. He has knowledge of which berries are toxic, so he can mix it into the drinks of people he doesn't like.


He was born in an impoverished Swinefolk encampment in the Timber Crag Territory. His family were always on the move since they were always hunted by the bear-people for sport. One day when he was but a piglet, his family was slaughtered by an invading group of hunters, and he hid inside a box beside his bed. He fell asleep and woke up inside the box on a wagon. He always kept a firestarter kit, and lit a fire inside the box. He quickly jumped out and watched as the wagon burned. He ran away before the Timber Crag bears could give chase.

A few years later, he arrived at the outskirts of Dalen, hoping to find a new life. But to no avail. Upon entering the town a group of drunks approached and harassed him, calling him "Pig", which is a very racial term towards his people.

He ran out of the town, teary and devastated. Instead he hid out in the woods and built a small lean to shelter, which began his survivalist lifestyle. To this day he live in the woods, hunting rabbits, picking berries and sneaking into the town without notice so he can trade his items.

Favourite food

Berries, any kind.

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Image of Leafus Firestarter
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