Passing By

After gathering what he needed out of the trunk he put on a Tunic of Darkness, then the Black Naga Scale Hide Armor, then the Black Sash made by Aello Nahemah, then the Gauntlets made of Joker Metal, then the Greaves made of Joker Metal and last he put on the Grim Reaper Trench Coat. He then put two large bags of gold into the Fold-able Backpack of Holding and put it on his back. Lastly he put on his A Vorpal Sword and an Ice Knife in his belt. He adjusted it before he looked in the mirror and approved of how cool his gear was. He hoped he could thank his mother one day for the parting gifts. He wondered if he would ever see her again or even run into any of his siblings in the future despite not knowing who they are or what they look like. Jack stepped out of the house and began heading to the Kingdom of Dale to see what was out there. Jack followed his map towards Dalen. The journey was long and full of dangerous monsters which Jack found he could eat once he cooked them. He kept the skins and extra meat in his magical Backpack of Holding since everything was preserved in it. He was relieved he could save the meat since there was no way he could eat a whole Dire Bear in one day. He also hoped he could sell the skins to make some extra money when he found a place to sell them. He found the backpack amazingly useful during his journey. Sadly though he was still alone as he only ran into wild animals and monsters.

Eventually he came to a small town that looked old and run down. The place was full of unhappy people who seemed wary of Jack as he passed through. Seeing as the town had little to offer Jack just passed through it hoping to avoid any trouble. Unfortunately before he could exit the town he ran into some large and ugly human slavers who were grinning wickedly at him. They slowly surround him with a ten foot gap between then and Jack.

Slaver 1: Looky looky what we have here boys. Fresh meat fer tha auction.

Slaver 2: Daddy likes. Come along with us boy if ya know what's good fer ya.

Jack: No thanks.

Slaver 3: Don't think he gave you a choice boy. He said come along so we don't hurt ya.

Jack popped his neck and grinned at the slavers after sizing them up.

Jack: Not happening monkey face.

Slaver 1: Why you.....!! Get him boys!!!

Jack was already boosted by magic due to the monsters he had to fight along the way so he simply put on a lightning barrier and began fighting the slavers with his boosted speed and lightning hits. One by one the slavers found themselves cooked well done by the lightning punches and kicks of Jack. Sadly he didn't even draw a weapon out to defeat the slavers in a few minutes. Once he was done he saw a few more slavers coming from town towards him. Jack wasted no time taking out the slavers without a care for their well being. Since they had bad intentions for him he showed them no mercy. Once he was done he noticed the locals were hiding in their homes and shops. They feared what Jack had done and believed he was next.

Then a large (7ft muscular) man came out of the bar with two pretty females nearby in tow. They had a chained collar on their throats and looked miserable as the man had tormented them for who knows how long. Jack then looked at the big man who was pissed and eager to get revenge on little Jack. Jack boosted his strength up to a monster level as the Big Boss man cursed Jack's name and charged at him with a huge battle axe. Jack waited till the right moment then he sped into the big guy and punched through his chest while gripping his heart in hand. Then he pulled it back through the hole and showed it to the big guy as he died with a shock on his face. He then tossed the heart to the ground and used his wind barrier to blow the blood off his arm and armor. Then he took the keys off the big dead boss and looked at the slaves as he approached them. The females were scared Jack wanted them.

Jack: You two! Unlock yourselves.....then free the other slaves.

Jack then looked around at the locals as he raised his voice.

Jack: This is my town now and I don't want to see it like this again. You will confiscate the loot the slavers have and dump their bodies in a big hole far away from here. If anyone asks what happened tell them it was a hostile take over and the territory belongs to Me. If they have a problem they can take it up with me. The next time I come here I want this town to be prosperous understand??!!!

The locals trembles as they agreed to obey Jack. He knew they could not live a normal life unless it was an order since they had their will broken a long time ago. By giving them a Lord to give them direction they might one day get back into a normal life. As the barely clothed slaves came to Jack he order them to loot the slavers and take their goods and live in this town to make it productive. Jack told them they were all his slaves and he wanted them to rebuild the town for him when he comes back. Then he left the town as they scurried about to loot and remove the slaver bodies. Jack smirked as he left the town and heard the chattering voices behind him. He walked along the dirt road hoping to find a larger town or city eventually.


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