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Summary: I promise I am Human

Falling Snow

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Gender: Female

Age: About 1 year and 2 Bucks

Group: Both

Preferred Genres

Anything Apocalyptic with Zombies I love! I also enjoy Historic stories (pretty much anything before the 21st century I find very interesting.) I’m pretty okay with any genre though, and like to explore as many as I can.

Writing Style Comments

I try to characterise the way I write a lot, while also keeping my posts here short so it won’t be a huge drag for people to read. (I don’t mind long posts one bit, just don’t like to overpack them with information). I like to write funny characters and include things I personally would laugh at. On the other hand I also like writing about deep mental health issues and dramatic things like that.

Participation Motivation

I love the entire concept of people coming together and creating a story through individually formed characters. I think it’s always fun to see how different characters react to each other and it’s such a great way to improve your writing.

OW Comments/Concerns

Nothing much to say here. Just hope I get to learn more about the other writers and their story ideas.

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