OOC - Pet hates in OWC

So, like a lot of the population in this planet I have little pet hates in life. I won't bother you with the list (I would probably have to create several posts on here and than Nim would not have a chance to also claim the 200th post) on what they are, even though some of you can guess it already, as my lack of patience sometimes in games (especially if stuff doesn't make sense to me) frustrates the hell out of me. :-D In a good way, people. Actually not in a good way but, ah hell you know what I mean... I hope. XD

I know I am known in certain circles for wanting to kill everything that is an NPC in Maelstrom but I am actually a really mellow guy in RL (except for those pesky Pet hates...) ;-)

So I was thinking what are your Pet Hates in OW? Thought it would be a cool topic to discuss in a light hearted way. Not to start a fight. Honest. XD

So my pet hate in OW is Mods that don't crop the main image of their game.
Looks awful on the list of games on the main page.

There. I said it. Phew!!!!! Much better. :-P

What are yours?

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