OOC - Timeline for Establishing the Setting of the Come Together Project

I have proposed the following timeline for officiating the setting of the Come Together project on the Come Together Development Pad, which can be found here.

- New ideas for the setting framework will be accepted until Friday, July 13th. This will give us the week to brainstorm more ideas.

- From the 13th till the 16th, we here on the Development Pad will put together the ideas we have received into a handful of settings.

- On Monday the 16th or Tuesday the 17th, I will offically post those ideas for polling here on the Development Pad and on the Community Platform. I will accept votes until Friday the 20th.

- If necessary, we can then run a runoff vote that will conclude on the 22nd.

All of that said, I created this timeline with the thought that other people actually cared about this project, and I'm starting to think that isn't the case. If nobody on this Platform actually give's a rat's arse about what I'm trying to do, I will be happy to stop wasting your time, my time, and most importantly, the time of those few people who actually do want this to happen. If I'm wrong, and you guys actually do care to help me create this setting, please correct me, and I will proceed with this proposed timeline. If that doesn't happen, I think I will work with those people who have joined the Development Pad to try to roll a game out this week without anyone elses input.

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