OOC - A Platform Idea, Cause One Isn't Enough

I do apologize for my inactivity lately, since classes have been a challenge, and my free-time is spent doing assignments, but I have been making an attempt to keep active here. Based on this challenge, I have thought of an concept that is different t from other games.

Many of us here on OW like the concept of worldbuilding, in-fact, it is a part of every game. It is seen in 2K, EoC, Maelstrom, NML, all the star-wars games we have, and many more. Yet we are usually secluded in these creative ideas. Most of the time, the world is made by the creator, then shared to the community. But I want to skip the gap, and unite the two fronts. By creating a platform where we can share our world-building ideas, and work together to create more. I have a few points about the platform, that will help determine how things could run.

- You make a profile based on your account, and your favorite aspects of world-building.

- You can post tid-bits of your worlds information at a time, or a huge post about your world.

- These posts can be linked in the game description, with a world description, the account name of the creator, and anything else that can help those who are interested.

These are just some of the concepts that I hope could be implemented into this kind of platform. Now I leave it to you all to share your opinions on this.
(If you have a title idea, I would love to hear it.)

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