OOC - Hero's Comeback

*Messes with microphone wiring*...Hello? Is this thing on? Awesome!

Hiya! It's me, your friendly neighborhood THU, messaging you after quite a long hiatus I took from this wonderful place due to my recruitment to the IDF.

...Has it really been 8 months? Sheesh.

Anyhow, now that I'm all but done with basic training, I have plenty more free time on my hands, which could mean all sorts of great things, haha! But seriously, I do plan on creating a magnificent new adventure for our great community to enjoy. I've come back here more mature, more patient, and most importantly -- I will NEVER godmod again! I've done it too many times (without intention, mind you≈) and I'll make sure it won't happen again. Ever. Trust me.

Can't tell exactly when I'll get started on this new project of mine but I just wanted to let you all know I'm back in town. I have too many good memories from this site to let it go, so it seems :)

Have an amazing day and thanks for reading.

Battle On!

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