OOC - Game proposition: SO, has anyone seen Soul Eater? :)

If you haven't, don't look it up. You might wanna watch it in the future.
But basically, it's an anime with two-three people (1 wielder, 1-2 weapons) teaming up and attempting to balance their "soul wave-lengths" in order to be an effective team.
The game I'm proposing is like that.
Only it's a horror game about a Jehovah's-Witness-like cult that dominates a small island nation, far from the eyes of the outside world. Controlled through "sacred" female humans who had an alternative weapon form, unlocked only through pairing their very souls with a male human. Threatened only by the mindless Corrupted, creatures in eternal pain led by powerful and disturbingly intelligent females. Fighting against the outside world in a bid to keep their secrets buried. Living without technology, currency or freedom within heavily guarded villages. Unaware of what lies their ruthless leaders have told not only them, but all who would defend them to the death.
It probably doesn't sound that horrifying in it's base concept, but I have ideas. I swear. I was just under the impression that I should pitch the groundwork within this very game.

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