OOC - Falling Behind


Being active on OW is as much as about reading as it is about writing. You need to read what others have written and maybe sometimes even some of your own past posts to keep up with the action and to ensure continuity between posts.

It is always glaringly obvious when players are not doing this. Either they start trampling other peoples narratives by ignoring their prompts, words and actions, or they isolate themselves within the game world writing posts that are safely disconnected from the ongoing action. The latter can be a way of easing yourself back into a game while getting caught up, but catch up you must.

So how do you keep up and catch up? Here are my top four tips :

1. Make space and time just to read. Do not worry about the writing for a while, just read and enjoy and perhaps make a few notes while you are at it. Maybe have a few "Read Only" days set aside in the week.

2. When you are tired or busy listening may be easier than reading. On those occasions I use This Link but any good text to speech translator will do. Do remember you can listen at almost double speed and still take in what you are playing so ramp up the speed to what ever you are comfortable with to get through more quickly.

3. Use your Mod and Community. Speak to the Mod or fellow players or perhaps use the OW Platform to reach out and get caught up. Checking the game summary can also be useful but it is lite on detail and can often be out of date. The community is always happy to help get fellow writer up to speed.

4. Sometimes there is too much to catch up on and you just have to skim. I dislike doing this but have to admit that it has been my only option on at least a few occasions when I have need to get caught up with multiple games quickly. So here is how I skim a post.
I read the first paragraph in full
I read the first sentence of every other paragraph as quick as I am able.
I read the last paragraph in full

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