Ladies and Gents it's the Show You've Been Waiting For...

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past month there is a new show in town! 50% Game Show 50% Sim and 100% crazy fun. Over the next few months Ongoing Worlds will be playing host to Thirteen finalists from all over the Simming World.

USS Endeavor (NCC-9819) is the name of the game and it is now live on the OW Platform. I wont go to great length to explain the particulars of the games is it is done very well here:

The Simming Endeavor: Episode 1

So if you haven't all had a good read already then I encourage you to do so. Please make our guests feel welcome and support them as they learn to use the site. Who knows some of them might just stick around and join a game or two ;)

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