OOC - Disqus' Annoying Spam Filter

As most of you Platformers probably know, the conversations that happen here on the OWCP happen in the comments section of posts like this one in which the "This is an OOC post" checkbox has been selected. This has been an effective enough system for the most part, but the program through which this comment section works, called Disqus, does have an irritating quirk, namely that it will sometimes delete your posts without telling you why. My understanding is that the reason this happens is because Disqus has an automated Spam Filter that will flag comments with certain characteristics as spam and it will delete them.

Here is an link to a help article on Disqus' website about the issue: https://help.disqus.com/en/articles/1717252-why-are-my-comments-marked-as-spam-or-removed

In general, my experience is that Disqus spam filter will tend to kick in after you post a really lengthy comment, which is extremely agitating if you've been pouring your heart into a comment for 10 minutes only for Disqus to delete it. I also recently had it delete a comment in which I submitted only a url with no other text. To avoid the former issue, try breaking big comments into multiple smaller comments, and for the latter issue, you can try adding an actual comment to the url submission.

If anyone else has tips, complaints, or horror stories to share, feel free to whine about Disqus using their own program below :)

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