OOC - The Memorable Moment

Looking through the many posts I've made on OW, it's nice to think of what scenes defined my characters. I've played dozens of characters, each with different stories, lives, pasts and futures, but there will be the moments that stand out. I feel like sharing one of my special moments.

The huge, impactful moment that I look back on was in an older game, The Gelded Goblin, which was a tavern roleplay ran by LH, where most characters were bards or entertainers. The way I introduced Minahas the Minotaur really allowed me to delve into fight scenes. I don't remember the exacts, but I know Minahas used his horn to impale up the arm of a tavern-goer, and proceeded to beat up his two companions, before sitting down and asking for something strong. He was a far different bard from the norm, playing drums and bellowing in tune, but he was a blast to play.

Another moment was in the post I wrote for Sith Awakening.
In this post, I delved into an I thought of realm in my characters personality, that made complete sense, and not only called him out, but called me out as a person too. I felt tied to Hargar in his emotional challenge, and nearly cried as I wrote his powerful uproar against his cowardice. Once again, LH did an excellent job getting us all to step outside our comfort zones, with one word each, he challenged us all, and that impacted me as a writer and a human being.

So firstly, this may seem like a huge praise party, but thank you LH for being an inspiration for nearly two years, and many more for many others. The Gelded Goblin was an absolute blast, and Sith Awakening is just as fun.

Secondly, if you skipped all the reading, I ask you all this. What was the one moment, or one of the moments, that you felt was most memorable on OW, whether it be something you enjoyed writing, or something you felt deep down, represented who you are. Whether it be a simple fight, or an emotional experience, the greatest memories come from the emotions you feel as you read and write, and that's what makes story-telling so magical.

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