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Hello All,
Ever since I started writing for OW, I have felt a kinship with those that I wrote with. I am not the best, but with the encouragement from writers like LargeHobbit, GardensTale, and Writing Bug, I learned to have pride and confidence in my slowly growing skills.
As of late, I have been largely absent from OW. A post here and there, but the passion I once had has largely vanished with the looming shadow of my everyday life.
Something I have never been good at is socializing. I have always been awkward and out of touch with my peers so for the most part I have stopped trying. This has been a major mistake for me.
Today, I vocalize myself to a community that I feel has done it's best to bring me in, while I feel like I have done little to thank it in return. I have depression. I have been fighting with it by denying it for much of my life and in 2017, my body and mind broke. Sparing the oh so lovely details, it sucked. A lot.
I am still seeking therapy for it and I have been able to pick up the pieces of my life, but I know things can never be the same again. One thing that has not changed however, is OW.
The community has ever remained imaginative and supportive, even if many worlds I knew and loved are long gone. I am here to say thank you to the people I have written with, who have inspired my own passions, and who made me feel welcome when I have never felt that way before.
Thank you all.

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