OOC - Yes, I'm Posting Again

I want to issue a statement here that actually holds some weight unlike my previous post.

I falsely stated I was returning to the platform but my timing was far off. As you can see, I've been absent for a while but never really gone. To keep this on the shorter end, I've been having a rough time. I imagine everyone is. However, as I'm ever so slowly gaining traction of things once more, and now that I'm tired of making excuses and half-baked promises, I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience and having gotten your hopes up last time. It might take me a bit to get a schedule rolling, heck I might never make a cohesive one at all, but I am here right now letting you know I still genuinely care about everything I did two years ago. Except this time I'm not promising anything because that is a massive burden I don't think I can healthily handle right now.

In terms of the two games I participate in most, Maelstrom and Warfall, I would very much like to kick things into gear again if you'll have me. I've taken this gap of time to really sit down and think about the potential, specifically in Warfall. I have big things planned for both games...keep an eye out for another post on the CP soon!

Hope all is well with you, staying safe and creative. And for those of you I don't know, I'm sure I'll get to eventually.


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