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OOC - Idea: Stelegraph

Picture it, Sicily, 1922.

Ok, not really. But I finally have an idea for my short-form story game here. Take a look and give some feedback. I can get the game up and running in the next couple days to give it a go, if people are interested.


Summary: Stelegraph is a short-form writing game where players take on the role of a pilot or other space-farer in the not-so-distant future. Interstellar travel has been invented, but things are not all hunky-dory. In fact, something has gone very wrong in the cosmos. Your ships are all but derelict and the only tools with which you start are life support and low-tech communications. No scanners, no engines, no weapons... and nothing visible but small specs of stars in the vast distance.

Setting: Given the fallout of "the event" (or "E"), communications and technology have been limited to VERY stringent methods and mechanisms. Each player, a captain of a small ship or other space-faring machine, will be adrift in space, with no memory of where you're at or what happened since "E". All you know is you that you can breath (and eat and such) and send/receive signals.

Gameplay: You will post a maximum of once per day with a character limit of 0 (zero) to 255. Each post must also be in response to another communique, unless things have gone without a reply for 3 days, then you can post again. Your posts are limited in these ways on purpose - think Morse code, telegrams, or Twitter/SMS.

Your goal is to find other humans, improve your surroundings, and possibly come together with others. And remember, new "captains" will come online over time.

Moderation: The game, and getting any new player roped in, will begin with a "standard" broadcast transmission that will be received. Further, via post or the game info page, the moderator(s) will keep a "stream" of all communications. New players can read up on this stream, and in-game this would serve as an "archive" of sorts (although there is no where to store it right now).

OOC-Chatter: I should note that OOC chatter will be limited to perhaps once-in-a-while OOC threads for planning and questions. Otherwise, ALL posts from players will be the 0-255 character limit. If you have to do a zero-character post (for which there could be a reason), you can just put something like "*null*". But you have to describe everything as a PART of your in-character communique. :)

Part survival, part sci-fi, part old-school style - Stelegraph is your path to the future via technology of the past.

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