Dr. Largehobbit or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Virus

So first the apology. I disappeared from most of my games around the end of the summer last year. I left Haddie and Gill et al sunbathing on a beach somewhere in the verse; I left a bunch of you guys sitting eating lunch with the Faerie king of Vanaheim; and I left another group of you floating space staring at a ruined ship full of feral Wookie's. The fact is I did not mean to disappear, I just kind of climbed into my little D&D game and hid, while I worries over RL stress and all of the people I'd let down by disappearing. No notice, no explanation... Poof!

I am sorry

And next the thanks, to all of you who have invested time and creativity in my games and worlds, or allowed me to spend my time and creativity in yours. Since I joined this site several years ago I have been astounded by the creativity and talent of the people who write on here. I wont start on names or I will forget and offend someone lol, but I do want to thank Lily for reaching out and encouraging me to get Beyond the Ragnarok back off the ground. It is the first game I ever launched on here and I am happy that the will is still there to keep it going.

Thank you!

And finally... Happy New Year to you all. It's great to see all of the new games going up on here as well as the old ones that are still ongoing. I dont know what I will be doing or picking back up beyond BtR over the next little while, but I do know its nice to be back and enjoying the hobby again.


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