Doctor Who: The Continued Adventures is Looking for Players!

Join Here:

This game is an imagined alternative Doctor Who universe where the 9th Doctor wasn't Christopher Ecclestone and the Doctor never met Rose. So please no referring to the New Who Doctors and the New Who era events.

Following a devastating war with the Daleks, the Time Lords are lost. The Doctor now exhausted by the Great Time War has regenerated into his 9th regeneration. Now feeling alone, he seeks new adventures across time and space. A terrible feeling of guilt haunts the Doctor. In the wake of the great war, the universe continues to tick on. Who will you be? Where will you go?


- No Godmodding.
- Treat other players with respect.
- No referencing new Who Doctors, this is a reimagine new Who era.
- No story posts that are under two sentences.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me!

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