How will your world end? Part 2

Talk about a reversal of fortune what if the magnetic field of your game world was flipped on its head causing untold disaster. Could it be the result of a spell gone wrong, the flippant tantrum of an elder god, or perhaps an attempt to perfect anti-grav tech ending in disaster. What if a Geomagnetic Reversal happened in your world?

The Earth is a giant magnet that has a love-hate relationship with life. The magnetic field protects us from the worst the Sun throws at us. Every so often, the positions of the north and south magnetic poles flip. How often the reversals occur and how long it takes the magnetic field to get settled is highly variable. Scientists aren't completely sure what will happen when the poles flip. Maybe nothing. Or maybe the weakened magnetic field will expose the Earth to the solar wind, letting the Sun steal a lot of our oxygen. You know, that gas humans breathe. Scientists say magnetic field reversals aren't always extinction level events. Just sometimes...

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