OOC - Looking for a Solo GM

So, recently I’ve had 1 character idea & 2 world ideas I’d really love to try & find a possible GM for. Most of the ideas I’d like to do in a 1 on 1 game setting, so I’d be interested in trying to set that up.

The character idea is someone who would be a sort of reluctant charismatic. Someone that, due to influences in their lives, is sickened at the idea of using their natural charm to manipulate anyone via deceptive, intimidating, or excessively flattering words. Someone that others seem to just naturally be drawn to, yet the character doesn’t want it.

The world ideas are as follows:
- A world that is so infused with magic that everyone can do it. One where the world itself has so much magic involved with it that the idea of mechanical technology is absurd. A world where those without magic are rather rare, possibly treated either as an omen or is abandoned because of it.

- The other involves a world that struggles with a magical corruption, one that has consumed its elite. Inspired by We Happy Few, the elite have become consumed with their focus on fun & pleasure, though the reason and cause behind it is unknown. The only sign of someone being corrupted as such comes from a permanent smile seeming to be put on their face, keeping them in a constant grinning state.

If any of these strike some interest with people, feel free to let me know and I’d be more than happy to dive into them further.

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