Star Wars: The Great Republic is Looking for Players

It is the age of the High Republic, the galaxy is at peace. The Republic rules most of the known galaxy, defended by Jedi Knights. But not all is how it may seem, evil still rears its ugly head as does war. Will you maintain this peace or will you go against it?

This game takes place from 300 BBY and is a sister game to Star Wars: Alliance set over 200 years before the events of that game. The galaxy is a very different place from the Dark Times, there is hope. Like Star Wars: Alliance this game uses a mix of both Canon and Legends sources as long as they are sensible and work in the game's setting.

- Be respectful of other players, especially no killing other player's characters without their permission.
- Please not thousands of Jedi or Sith characters, even though they were more prominent at this time there is a tendency in games for force-using players to be rather overpowered. The force is meant to be a gift, not something to be exploited constantly.
- Please try and create original characters, don't play as any major characters from films, comics, and other sources.
- Don't dramatically alter any ground Star Wars information.
- Have fun!

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