OOC - OOC - Co-Mod Desired

Here's whats going on.
I have the basics of the dinosaur role play planned out, but I need either someone to help run No-Man's Land, Sauria: Land of the Dinosaurs (That is the planned name, comment on your opinion.) Or to help me run both. I have big plans for both, but my decreased inactivity may pose a problem for maintaining both worlds. So if anyone is interested, in either Co-Mod Offering, please message.

"P.s DjPanda, I want to ask you some questions about your character Admiral in No-Man's Land, and Legacy of the Dark Star, about involving.my characters. So if you do have email, or any way to contact me, please do so. (Thx)"

If you have any advice before I begin setup, please share away.

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