This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on May 20, 2023, 6:44am

Welcome to the Lunar Veil

A continuation told from the view of a different Crew in the Firefly Universe, set roughly one year after the events of the Serenity film. We want this game to have a similar feel as that of the beloved TV series and it's silver screen continuation. We’re happy to have you. Please make sure to read the Rules, checkout other characters and if you have questions feel free to contact the Mods!




We are currently no longer accepting characters until further notice.



All characters will be 100% human.

All characters must be 16 or older. If your character is under the age of 18 you must come attached to someone 18 or older in order to justify keeping you on the ship.

No River Tam like characters.

No relatives of canon characters from the TV show. No one from Mal’s old unit.

No one from or who fought in Serenity Valley.

We only have so much space on a single ship. We will do our best to accommodate but that means we can only accept so many players.

One character per player.

Do not write or react for another character that's not yours without their or the Mods express permission first.

Do not metagame or godmod - it’s no fun for anyone and may result in your post being edited.

Mods have the right to pull posts or edit to ensure continuity

It’s possible to make your character look good without making another character look bad. Let’s all do that!

The mod will make reasonable attempts to keep and justify Player Characters to be on the ship. However the onus will be on the player to not create a situation where the Mods are forced to bend over backwards to save your character. In other words don’t create a situation for “drama” and expect to be bailed out. Have an outline prepared on how you would like the situation realistically resolved and the mods will work with you.

No Stowaways. No PC Passengers.

We all come up with stories and ideas we want to play out but please make sure to clear it with the Mod first! We are Mod's, not players and we don't particularly take it well being plot ambushed.

In order to keep things fun for everyone and to keep things somewhat orderly and timely if you plan on a plotline or a JP (via google doc) we ask you please let the Mods know. We keep track of that stuff on a spreadsheet so it doesn't get lost or forgotten! We might even have additional twists to add!

Given the limited slots for the game if you become inactive and we have a player waiting for a slot to open up you will be replaced. This is to ensure that the game is able to carry on with people able to post regularly.