This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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While this is technically not a reboot (it's a continuation told from the view of a different Browncoat Captain and his ship's crew) it is based in the Firefly Universe, set roughly one year after the events of the Serenity film. We want this game to have a similar feel as that of the beloved TV series and it's silver screen consort, so that means nobody's perfect, they're often dirty and hungry, and navigating the Verse remains a dangerous calling. Amidst all this danger is great room for comedy, sorrow & pig herding. Trouble is stirring between The Browncoats and the Alliance and there's solid intelligence (or trustworthy rumors) indicating an inevitable Second Unification War.)


"Not so fast you gorram sailor! I'm not lookin' to invite trouble by having any of you unstable kind onboard. You'll not be settin' foot on my ship until we've gone over a few ground rules." - Captain Keller

Take a look at the Guidelines for character submission here. Fair warning; exceptional characters are made one post at a time, not in a bio sheet that professes each of their exceptional attributes. The Captain can't afford to pay a bunch of Big Damn Heroes, but he has budgeted for a passably competent crew as long as they'll indulge him his occasional delays in dispensing their cut.


So we're on the ship Serenity? Absolutely not; that would be copyright infringement. Our adventures take place on the Lunar Veil, which just so happens to be a Firefly-class vessel similar to the Serenity. But it's still just a copy, right? Not according to our lawyers. We're not paying you to ask questions. Get back to work.


We have Support Craft too! Shit we're fancy!


Did we just post a basic list of helpful locations to consider when playing out adventures in the Black? Your ruttin' right we did. Core Planets are here and Border planets are here. **Under Construction**


COMING SOON! We'll teach you how to cuss like a proper gorram sailor. #VerseCurse

We are currently no longer accepting Female characters or Redheads until further notice.

Current Crew & Cast

Captain - Colton Keller
Pilot - Lt. Riley Thorne
Night Pilot - Drake Valari
Crew Chief - Vas Jat
Doctor/Medic/Dentist - OPEN
Mechanic - OPEN
Spiritual Guidance/Medic - Lyen Giu
Deckhand - Gil / Haddie
Deckhand - Serena Edwards
Deckhand - Elle Schippkotte
Cook - David "Iceberg" Roose

Leo Bennet
Lawrence Chakel

Yazmina Hanzo