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Summary: Aquila is a strange jedi, skirting the limit between light and dark, and surviving any way he can.

Aquila Roye

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Gender: Male

Age: 31

Group: Jedi


Human (Corelian)


- Strong connection to the living force
- Force sense (life detection)
- Force control (tutaminis, Altus sopor)
- Force alter (telekinesis, plant surge, emerald lightning)
Light saber combat: shii Cho form


Grey jedi/mercenary

Physical Appearance

Medium build, usually wearing practical clothing in darker tones, has a short-trimmed beard and short black hair, with green eyes


Somewhat of a recluse, Aquila is a rather soft-spoken man. Despite his somewhat agitated temper, his studies of the Force and hours of meditation have managed to quell some of his outbursts, but he can be prone to explode during stressful situations.


A former padawan of the Jedi Order, Aquila never passed the trials, on account of a divergence of philosophies between him and the Council. Thus he became somewhat of an outcast, but stayed on the side of the Republic, working as a mercenary and pilot-for-hire, while scouring the galaxy for places of knowledge. He was spared the horror of the Purge and the advent of the Empire, but the death of so many Force users damaged parts of his connection to the Force, leaving him more likely to loose himself during his meditations, and bringing him closer to the dark side...

Special Items/Ships

Lightsaber pike: an unconditional form of Lightsaber, but one that suited his more defensive fighting style best.

The Monarch: a modified corellian freighter that serves as his home and livelihood.

Items/Ship Descriptions

The Monarch: a standard corellian freighter, perhaps a little outdated, but modified with state of the art cloaking technology and data-taps, allowing him to run an empire blockade like no-one else. Faster than it looks, but no fast enough to outrun an interceptor.

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Image of Aquila Roye
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