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Summary: A former Dark Side Adept turned Bounty Hunter trying to find his place in the new galaxy.

Kodo Jakar

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Bounty Hunter




-Adept Lightsaber duelist
-Skilled in telekinetic Force techniques
-A "serviceable" pilot
-Unorthodox planner
-A savant in close-quarters combat and lightsaber forms, both in their theory and execution.


Bounty Hunter (formerly Dark Side Adept)

Physical Appearance

A mountain of meat, Kodo was always larger than the vast majority of the children he went through his training with. Constant lightsaber and Force exercises kept him stronger and faster than most of his peers. His large angular face usually has its silhouette broken up by short brown stubble. His short brown hair also leaves his icy blue eyes exposed. Underneath his ultrachrome armor, Kodo bears a multitude of sparring scars as well as from bounties who put up a surprisingly significant fight. Though, Kodo is extremely self conscious of his scars.


A very withdrawn man, Kodo seldom brings up his past, and will quickly shift the conversation if pressed about it. Most of the time, he tries to keep the topic of the conversation focused on the task at hand. On the few occasions where he does open up to someone and let himself be emotionally vulnerable, he is surprisingly gentle and comes off as surprisingly anxious, despite his usual stoic demeanor.


Born on Florrum, Kodo was raised by scrapper parents in a small settlement on the barren desert planet. While the settlement was plagued by different gangs and spice traders, running from the Republic and the early Empire, Kodo's family, made up of himself, his father Tarique, and his mother Laurae made ends meet the best they could. By the time he was five, Kodo started to show Force sensitivity, picking up heavy pieces of scrap and moving them around his parent's workshop. Kodo's parents attempted to hide his sensitivity as best they could, but the Empire's Inquisitors were relentless, easily finding the untrained Force user. By the time the Inquisitors arrived in their settlement, Kodo's family already knew it was too late, they quickly surrendered the young boy to the Empire. However, the Empire had plans to train Kodo, and as such, could not afford to have any lingering attachments, quickly ordering the Inquisitors to dispose of Kodo's family.

For years, Kodo was kept under the watchful eye of the Inquisitors. As a darkside adept, Kodo was taught extremely aggressive forms of lightsaber combat and Force techniques, with an intentional lack of training in the spirituality of the Force. While Kodo progressed extremely quickly, his progression was intentionally stunted in an attempt to let his frustration grow and increase his potency as an expendable hunter of Force sensitives. After many years of this protracted struggling and many field missions against increasingly desperate and powerful Force users, Kodo went from a frustrated and anger fueled machine to a reserved and cold agent, increasingly disillusioned with the Empire and his mentors. By the time the Battle of Endor caused the collapse of the Empire following the deaths of the Emperor and Darth Vader, Kodo had already made up his mind to leave the Empire's rapidly crumbling hold on the galaxy. Stealing a confiscated Jumpmaster 5000, Kodo escaped the chaos of the battle and set a course for the most out of the way planet he knew, Florrum, home.

Trying his best to lay low, Kodo stuck to a very small scrap town, very much reminiscent of his home town. In order to make ends meet and pay for the slip for his ship in the very small star port, Kodo turned to bounty hunting. While his first bounties were whatever he could find himself, he quickly met a young Mirialan woman, named Janus Torfee. She was an adept slicer and quickly became his go to fixer for his bounty contracts, going so far as to give her the main cabin in his ship while he converted the common area for himself to sleep in. Being a native to Florrum, Janus told Kodo about the incredible oppression that many of the small scrapping towns faced under the Empire and the incredible opportunities that were now available to the people of Florrum. While Kodo never told Janus his true origins, her talks with him about her life on Imperial Florrum convinced him to continue to keep those details secret and stirred some form of guilt in him for his participation and previous buy in to the Empire. In an attempt to continue to improve the lives of his home planet's people, Kodo began exclusively taking contracts to go after spice dealers and violent criminals, utilizing his ship to chase down the, occasionally, more well connected and elusive targets. Now a few years into his bounty hunting career, he has cultivated a decent reputation on Florrum as a bounty hunter who actually actually goes out of his way to help people. However, he still feels the pull of the Dark Side and feels the constant possibility of being found by a vengeful agent of the Empire or by another Force User. What this means for his own future, and that of his young fixer, he has no idea. But for now, the goal is just to live day by day and see who he can help out along the way.

Special Items/Ships

-Modified Jumpmaster 5000 (The "Puddle Jumper")
-Jury-rigged Ultrachrome armor
-Red Saberstaff that he saves for only the most dire of circumstances
-Sonic Detonators
-Thermal Detonators
-E-11 Blaster
-DL-44 Blaster Pistol

Items/Ship Descriptions

-The "Puddle Jumper": A modified Jumpmaster 5000 which has been outfitted with salvaged sensor defeating stealth systems, extra cargo space to transport live cargo, and an overcharged engine that allows for bursts of extreme speed.
- Jury-rigged Ultrachrome armor: The same armor he utilized during his training with the Inquisition, he has made multiple modifications to it to strip any Imperial symbols as well as keep it running through the years it's gone without maintenance from specialized Imperial armorers.
-Red Saberstaff: A weapon he tries to hide and only utilize under the most dire of circumstances. He built the saberstaff as one of his first tests for the Inquisitors. The grip has been customized to his own hand and each side can be ignited independently. Regardless of his training with other weapons, he still feels a connection with this weapon and still considers it to be an extension of himself.
-Sonic Detonators: For when his targets need to be incapacitated, these less than lethal detonators can be set on walls or thrown to release a large wave of low frequency sound, causing nausea and incapacitating anyone in the area who doesn't have any noise cancelling equipment or a helmet.
-Thermal Detonators: His last ditch effort when there are groups of enemies or when he has no choice but to bring the target in dead. Able to be thrown or set on a surface, the high explosive can cause massive damage to unarmored or lightly armored targets.
-E-11 Blaster: A blaster that he stole during his escape during the battle of Endor, Kodo has been using it extensively during his career as a bounty hunter, its automatic fire and stun settings giving him plenty of options when confronted with a variety of targets.
-DL-44 Blaster: His final holdout weapon, Kodo decided that if you need a backup, it might as well pack a punch.

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