Image of Norwell Boskij (see mod notes)

Summary: survivor of order 66

Norwell Boskij (see mod notes)

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Jedi


Human from naboo


Strong with the force and learned to use it, duelist


Jedi master ( character is approved as long as is made a jedi knight)

Physical Appearance

strong with a very smooth face apperance and he have a mustache


generous, humble, trusting and just.


Survived order 66 by fleeing while his master fought of the clone troopers. Norwell managed to flee the coruscant jedi temple and found a place to hide on the planet of ahch-to where he started to learn of the ancient jedi living their. After a time learning to use the force as a jedi master he joined society again and wants to help rebuild the jedi order.

Special Items/Ships

lightsaber, Jedi starfighter

Items/Ship Descriptions

the lightsaber has a green cyber chrystal. The jedi starfighter is dark green and have a built-in hyperdrive.

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