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Gender: Female

Age: 193

Group: Priests/Priestess


Born in Verden, Nimorra long ago fled her homeland. Her loyalties lie only with Galathus Kelmoran and bringing about his return.


While she is the founder and leader of perhaps the only existing cell of the once-terrifying Cult of Kelmoran, Nimorra has long ago given up on titles and ceremony. Most of her followers either call her by her first name (she dropped her last name many years ago)

(we already have a character with a title that centers around Mother, It will be confusing if she's also called mother. Might I suggest the title Matron Nim)


Nimorra is a pure-blooded elf and has the pointed ears and other physical and magical characteristics of that race. She stands at about 5' 6" (1.7 meters) tall and weighs almost a hundred pounds (45 kg).

She has black hair, emerald green eyes, and tatoos on her face.


Having faithfully served the long-deceased necromancer for many years, Nimorra has (almost) never given up on her quest to bring about his return and fullfill his dream of establishing an enlightened mageocracy in which all races and peoples would be equal. Although her obsession with this quest stands in front of all else, she has come to care deeply for her followers and her son, and wants them all to experience power and happiness once Galathus Kelmoran returns and establishes his kingdom.

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