Characters: Sorcerers/Sorceress

Roleplay character: Ponce de Gezzadro

Ponce de Gezzadro

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Beware the man who fell into the sky.

Roleplay character: Severos Aven

Severos Aven

Gender: Male

Age: 27

A young mage with nothing left and much to do.

Roleplay character: Aggie


Gender: Female

Age: Twentysomething

Mage Trainee

Roleplay character: Enanth Stormcrow

Enanth Stormcrow

Gender: Male

Age: 50 (200)

The Wise One

Roleplay character: Aldous


Gender: male

Age: 6000+

Not some demonic demon

Roleplay character: Draken Sainte

Draken Sainte

Gender: Male

Age: 129 (but appears 25)

The Future King of Dalen

Roleplay character: Orla Carling

Orla Carling

Gender: Female

Age: 349 (appears in her early 20's)

Last of her kind, out of time and out place

Roleplay character: Bathlazaar Gelt

Bathlazaar Gelt

Gender: Male?

Age: ???

A Red Wizard of amazing power, darkness, and terrifying resolve

Roleplay character: Liliana Verrask

Liliana Verrask

Gender: Female

Age: 30

A dangerous and focused painmancer

Roleplay character: Necrosis


Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

The Necromancer King

Roleplay character: Hemlock Nightshade

Hemlock Nightshade

Gender: Female (currently)

Age: unknown

Necromancer who just wants to help the dead rest.

Roleplay character: Vance Blazzareth

Vance Blazzareth

Gender: Male

Age: 328

It can be so fascinating, the unknown, that is...

Roleplay character: Aegis Goldmire

Aegis Goldmire

Gender: male

Age: 20's to 30's

Eyes of gold Tongue of silver

Roleplay character: Jack Nahemah

Jack Nahemah

Gender: Male

Age: 21

A half breed trying to find his place in the crazy world

Roleplay character: Galathus Kelmoran

Galathus Kelmoran

Gender: Male

Age: ???

An old, powerful lich with one final bone to pick

Roleplay character: Mallow


Gender: female

Age: 17

Satyr druid

Roleplay character: Ingrid Blackwood

Ingrid Blackwood

Gender: female

Age: unknown

Witch of The Blight Wood.

Roleplay character: Madam Esmerelda

Madam Esmerelda

Gender: female

Age: 30

Soothsayer of The Breezy Top Carnival

Roleplay character: Parvil Vaxil Killian

Parvil Vaxil Killian

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Cursed Warlock (but only a little cursed)

Roleplay character: Ellody


Gender: female

Age: 25

Mage with a Magic Sensitivity

Characters: Graveyard/Retired

No characters