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Summary: Necromancer who just wants to help the dead rest.

Hemlock Nightshade

Gender: Female (currently)

Age: unknown

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress




Necromancer, Mortician, and Occult Investigator


Formerly human, now a partial undead.

white hair, once silvery blue eye one blinded eye cover in a crack like scar.


Hemlock is quite spoken but not soft spoken. Her main driving goal is to help souls of the lost rest and pass on.

Brief History

Trapped half their soul in a phylactery to remain a live for the foreseeable future. The person know as Hemlock is multiple people over the years transferring the consciousness to new bodies when required. Usually when the body is to worn out or tired to continue without rotting away. While she knows a great deal about Kelmoran and his teachings she was never a follower but does respect the leaps in knowledge his studies of the necromantic arts provided


Karambit style knife.
Black clothes and robes.
Necromantic alchemist book


Raising the dead for short periods of time
Speaking with spirits
Seeing spiritual ley lines


Fear: breaking of her phylactery is her number one fear.
Weakness: her body is still human. flesh and blood.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Rest Now."

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Image of Hemlock Nightshade
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