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Summary: The Crimson's Eye

Lenore Operon

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Gender: Female

Age: 372 (appears 33)

Group: Rogues/Assassins


Comes from a long lost kingdom
Loyal to Bathlazaar Gelt


The Crimson's Eye

Blade of Red


She is a woman of average height, with red eyes and bleach blonde hair. She wears raggedy clothing and cloak. Her hands have become vicious claws, she has pronounced canines.


She is cunning and obedient. She serves Gelt for no real reason other than purpose, believing his word. Lenora is can shift her personality to fit the role, but she is actually very heart broken and lonely. She trembles at the thought of death and cries when actually allowed to have a relationship. She tries to come off as tough and unfeeling, with a mocking tone, however it is a simple shell.

Brief History

Lenora was once a average human, living her life as a normal merchant's daughter. One night however she met a gentleman and fell in love with him. Of course this man lied to her only to feed on her and leave her for dead. When she came back from the dead, she returned to her family, only to be driven away.
For a few years she traveled across the land and ended up meeting a young man, who joined her travels. Over time the two formed a relationship. They ended up bumping into the gentleman again, who killed the man, and left her alone, commanding her to come with him. She did not and refused him. When he left, she hunted the gentleman down, however once she got there, she killed him and met Gelt. The wizard saw promise and took her in, giving her a purpose. After some time, she nows serves him for no other reason but because she has no where else to go.


She has a poisoner kit
Four daggers
She also has a spyglass.

She wears enchanted leather armor.


She is a master of scouting and deception, able to change her personality when needed. She is also skilled in hand to hand combat.
She is a skilled assassin and poison chemist.
She has regenerative abilities, supernatural speed and strength.
She has the power to transform into a swarm of bats or mist
She can climb up walls
Her sharp claws can easily tear through leather and flesh, she can't be harmed by mundane weapons.


She fears Bathlazaar Gelt
Sunlight burns her
She can't enter a house without permission of the owner
Holy water burns her
Garlic makes her sick
Faith holds her back
A wooden stake can kill her
Magical weapons can harm her

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Great job Crimson."

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Image of Lenore Operon
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