A Siege Ended

Draken dropped the corpse of the Kragan he had slain. He positioned himself before the dying body and growled, "Perish."

Liliana herself prepared for the half demon's attack. Meanwhile, the Kragan and demons continued there battles, a few fleeting humans were shot down by archers in Gelt's forces. The demons retaliated, remembering their orders to protect the people. Serval of the buildings crumbled as the beasts battled to the death. Walls fell even as cries of battle sounded from domiciles.

Draken snarled as he launched himself at the mage, Lilliana blasted the charging man with chain lightning. Several of the bolts stripped his flesh away and burned bits of his body. However, as most of the attack struck his blade, it began to shimmer with the electric power.

Swinging his blade down he struck the woman in the side, redirecting half of her own attack into her, the lightning spreading throughout her body. Liliana screamed at the pain but not from it. Her body was alive with the sensation as her eyes locked with Draken's. Her dominate spell struck against his will, trying to slip beneath the mental fortitude. He replied by bringing his head forward into hers.

His eyes glowed with passion as he watched her features distort in painful pleasure. Draken attempted to punch her which she was in motion. Liliana casted a second spell, her hands changing into shadow talons that grappled his fist, tearing it to ribbons. The half demon hissed in pain.

"Yes! Feel it! Take all of it!" She screamed, slashing at him with ferocity.

The two battled throughout the battlefield, Draken with the upper hand with his superior body and magic. It became very clear when she overextended and he grappled the woman. Up he flew, straight into the air before spiraling down, several arrows striking him. He pushed the pain to the side as he tumbled down to the ground, in any second the two would splatter on the ground. She gripped him tightly, so that he could not escape the fall.

She felt her breath leave her as she looked upon the face of the half demon, his scorched and bloodied body beheld as a fallen angel. Even though she knew he was an enemy, she thought she saw a dashing warrior; passing through onto war with demons, so valiantly chiseled in features, never to be seen again in those dark fields.

She stabbed at his neck with talons, trying to bring him down with her. He replied with several savage strikes with his head against her's.

Nothing happened for a second, Draken gently landed on the ground before throwing Liliana away. Draken was covered in light wounds and scratches, compared to the very beaten mage. Several imps flew down, dropping a bloodied Lenora. Draken flaired his wings, around them the small town was in ruins from the battle, a few bodies of innocents laid about. Draken was swarmed by his demonic followers, snarling and hissing at the Kragan whose numbers lay fatally dwindled.

Outnumbered and now lacking magical support while facing a newly rallied force, the Kragan did as they only could. With leonin roars, they charged savagely forward to the double hosts. Spells and arrows rained unopposed as the iron golems threw handfuls of imps. Bearded devils cleaved with their glaives. The Kragan slashed with their blades.

In the end, as Draken stared into the battle, the streets ran red with blood. As the arrows ceased, the spells fizzled, and the immediate combatants slowly picked themselves up, he fully saw the damage these last dozen had done. The imps lay slaughtered in piles with several lesser demons draped over them. He noted that quite a few manes were slaughtered, and at least one full five-group of bearded devils lay rented apart. But for all their kills, the Kragan lay slain to a man.

Lenora groaned in suffering, her wounds weren't healing as fast as usual. Draken snarled as he turned, "Get the hell out of this place, or else I'll send you and that vampiric whore in pieces to your master. As long as I exist, Dalen isn't yours to take." His wounds slowly healed, sealing up the cuts and scratches. The demons chuckled and laugh, mocking the dead Kragan.

Draken coldly looked at the two, his golden eyes showed nothing but demonic power. He made a small ball of flame, "Now, get the hell out. I need to fix what you destroyed."

Liliana gazed only a second longer before reaching a hand and teleporting both women away. She memorized everything she saw at that moment. She would remember this day.

It was Gelt who greeted her. He arrived as the snap of reality reverberated around the room. He paused in the doorway, teleportation circle slowly shedding its glow. His gaze was heavy upon the two. "You have returned and yet I see you in such a state. Speak."

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