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Summary: A dangerous and focused painmancer

Liliana Verrask

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Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress


Unwaveringly loyal to Bathlazaar Gelt


Chosen of Gelt, a group of people that are personally trained by Gelt



Ebony hair

Alabaster skin, with swirls and runes that are scar tissue. Each one has been deeply cut and cannot be healed without powerful healing spells.

She wears a piece of the Philosopher's Stone in a pendant, which gives a slight twinkle when exposed to light.


Cold, calculating, every bit like her master. She is dedicated to her work, willing to sacrifice anything to her master.

Brief History

Born in 82 YSTR, Liliana was one of many that lived in continued fear as one of many that lived in the Dalen Remnant. Originally just a commoner, Liliana never knew the world as she does in the present.

All that changed when a raiding party of demons attacked her quaint hamlet. She and three others fled into the wilderness, hoping to escape. Instead they became endlessly lost.

Bathlazaar Gelt would find them weeks later, on the verge of collapse from hunger and dehydration. In that moment of weakness, she pleaded with her life to be fed. She could not have possibly known the repercussions.

Gelt would go on to show her what she had agreed to, stripping much of her dignity and subjecting her to his experiments. When Liliana showed potential as a magic-user, it was by his watchful gaze and guiding hand that she turned her suffering into a weapon.

Whatever Liliana was is now gone, replaced by a woman who capable of using pain as power. She has personally cut her spells into her flesh, enjoying inflicting them upon foes.


Black and purple dresses that fit her to accent her feminine features

Black with gilded gold leather armor with protection spells inlaid
+Mage Armor
+Lesser Empowered Dexterity
+Protection From Missiles
+Spell Turning

A silver rapier, "Soran" inlaid with runes along the base of the blade


As a painmancer, Liliana can inscribe magic into her flesh to cast later as spells. Her spellscars cannot be dispelled, however active magical effects can still be countered by counterspells. Her most predominate spells are:
+Raise Dead
+Maximized Lightning Bolt
+Chain Lightning
+Shadow Talons
+Shield Other


She fears failing Gelt and will go to great lengths to achieve his goals.

While her spellscars cannot be dispelled from her body, powerful healing magic can erase her spellscars. Active spells she has casted are affected normally by counterspells and anti-magic zones. While in an anti-magic zone, she is unable to cast her spellscars.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

For one and all... For the Empire.

The Time of the Empire has come!

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Image of Liliana Verrask
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