Old enemies, New Friends

Draken had taken Esteban Soldor to his dather the unconscious Lenora still being dragged by the half demon. It was an interesting greeting, Soldor nearly chopped Draken's head, if his som didn't stop him. After a good talk, Draken was able to get the man to understand he wasn't any enemy. His promise of peace was restored as Draken's demonic followers greeted the Kragan in brutal fashion, hubdreds of demons and devils slice, crushed, or blasted the red skinned menace Draken looked at Soldor, "Look, we have a common enemy, I'm not asking to be friends, just allies in the battle. Also get a chain for this lady before she awakens."

The great doors opened behind him, he turned to see who it was, "If you don't mind, I'm trying to help Soldor over....here." He froze as he saw Orla, memories flashed for him, "What the hell." He grabbed some chain and wrapped it around Lenora, he then dropped her on the ground, "Well, I never thought I run into you again, Orla." He turned away from them and dragged Lenora to a nearby opening to the outside. He whistled at Liliana, "Hey purple hag! Tell your boss he has an eye missing." He show Lenora, who awoken in time, furious. Draken snarled, "Back off, or I'm making sure he doesn't get his eye back." He bashed her face into a wall to knock her out again, "Tell Gelt we have unfinished business!"
Draken slung Lenra back inside before returning to Soldor and the others, "So, what can I do for you?"

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