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Summary: Last of her kind, out of time and out place

Orla Carling

Gender: Female

Age: 349 (appears in her early 20's)

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress


Skeldergate woodkin; former citizen of Dalen


None whatsoever, but was once a ranking member of the defunct Cult of Fernoia


Orla is a faerie elf.

Orla has a medium length bob of straw-coloured hair that frames a round, heart-shaped face, with rose-tinted lips, dimpled cheeks, and a pert little nose. Her pink-white skin is smooth and luminous, and her eyes are an unusual shade of blue that seem to shimmer like pools of liquid silver. She stands at five feet two inches (157 cm) and weighs about 105 lbs (47 kg). Though quite slight of build, her small figure is well proportioned, with a slim waist that tapers to gently flaring hips and pretty legs. With her hair concealing her elfen-shaped ears, she can pass for a human, but just pass. If in her company for long enough her ethereal presence and light musical voice will tend to betray her Fey nature.


Orla is a kind, sweet, compassionate, and upbeat girl, always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Despite her considerable years lived, there is an angelic innocence about her. It does not come from naiveté, but a gentle wisdom that prefers to look beyond the bad and only see the good that there is in life. She is unfailingly pleasant and well-mannered, but sometimes has a distracted air due to her powerful mystical senses picking up things in the surrounding ether. For relaxation she enjoys a nice cup of tea, experimental gardening, shopping, leisurely walks, and cozying up with a good book. During her time in the Two Kingdoms she was a dedicated follower of the Cult of Fernoia, and undertook many clandestine missions on behalf of its holy cause.

Brief History

Orla was born to a secretive, secluded clan of faerie elves who devotedly worshipped the ancient Aeranian goddess of nature, Fernoia. She lived for centuries deep in the primeval Skeldergate forest of Verden before being sent posing as a Verdish refugee to live in Dalen and carry out the secret work of the Fernoia cult. Orla dwelled in an enchanted rooftop garden in the capital that she maintained with her magicks, and which in turn nourished her powers and life force by way of a tiny amount of the Skeldergate's transplanted energy field that was divinely gifted to her. Upon the city's destruction by the Timber Crag, she returned to live in her traditional forest home. Orla's long life was cut short when she took it upon her own initiative to try to mend fences between her people and an arch necromancer, the modern incarnation of Galathus Kelmoran, whom she befriended as a youth. Orla visited his remote lair in the Dalen Alps and was never seen again.




Orla is trained in the ancient magical rituals, spells and arcane lore of her otherworldly kin. Her specialty is enchantment, illusion and nature magic. Due to her particular fey bloodline she is attuned to nature and was born with an innate capacity to channel mystical energies that exist in nature and call upon nature spirits, such as those of trees. Orla's powers are strongest in oldgrowth forests.

Orla also possesses fundamental abilities native to her species. She has a lifespan surpassing a thousand years, extraordinary eye sight and night vision, in-built flight by way of translucent, insect-like wings that appear and disappear as she wishes, and mystical psionic senses that allow her to read auras, sense emotions, detect magic, see through magical illusions of others, and communicate telepathically over long distances.

Her non-mystical skills include gardening, plantlore and herbalism.


Orla's magic decreases in comparatively lifeless environments such as deserts and urban settings where she must rely on only her inner reserves to power her spells. Small boned and slightly built, her kind are not as physically strong as the average human. Having grown up in a woodland society that knew no real internal strife, psychologically she is gentle and utterly non-aggressive. She therefore has no combat experience of any kind, and is next to useless in a fight. Though able to perform significant and complex spells, she is unversed in battle magic, and her stock of defensive spells are limited and largely unpractised. Orla's magical abilities, along with her physical health, are greatly affected by iron, which is capable of neutralizing her powers, incapacitating her, and even outright killing her, depending on her level of exposure to it. She fears and is repelled by it. In the past, her powers were heightened due to the blessing of Fernoia, but after the goddess's mysterious disappearance, Orla's ability to tap and manipulate mystical energy has been drastically reduced from what it was before, and many of her learned spells no longer function here in this new time.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.

Love is flower like; Friendship is like a sheltering tree.

You can't stay hidden in your forest valley waiting for the world to come to you. You have to venture out sometimes.

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.

Chaos is the law of nature; order is the dream of man.

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