Bloody Money

((Shadrazar, Zatar))

Dahab Saddique, master slaver of Shadrazar, looked up and down the deserted backstreet and tapped his foot impatiently, "Come on, come on, where are they? Do they think I don’t have better things to do than stand around here waiting like a chump? Where are those bounty hunters? For what I’m paying the damn bastards the least they could do is be punctual, even if this is something of a rush job." He scowled as he looked up, "You're late."

Standing before him was a great orc warrior, wearing the unmistakable leather armor of orc tribesmen, blue and red markings covered his body showing he hailed from the plains of Sarnia like Shel, and a great axe swung behind his back. "Slaver." The orc grunted, wrath in his voice.

"Ah, Vaggs, I expected you here first." Dahab smirked at the orc's rage, knowing why the hunter was so angry. “He killed your brother. This is personal for you, huh? I will let you kill him after I have had my own fun...”

“I will peel his skin from his body and make him watch me wear it,” Vaggs growled.

Dahab laughed. The sound of heavy wings flapping alerted him to the man behind him, the orc lifted his head to look as well. The two were greeted by a large Kenku. The crow humanoid was as tall as an average man and built like a barbarian of the north, bigger than any of his strange kind. He wore the thick armor of Sarnia, a halberd in his claws.

"There you are Ickle. That's two. Now where are the other three?" Dahab inquired impatiently. “We can’t afford to delay. Your quarry needs to be found before the trail goes cold. After that scene in my office today I want Mr. Tough Guy taken alive so Vaggs and I can torture him to death properly. I don’t care about Aven and the girl. I just want the fair haired man so he'll learn that nobody trifles with Dahab Saddique without paying a most terrible price…”

Vaggs looked behind him, "Here they are, sir." Dahab looked up to see figures approaching him. One was a large naga, wearing light chain mail armor, a spear in her hands. Her skin was as dark as the night sky, and her head had short black hair.

Beside her was a big man wearing a hunter's cloak and necklace of bones, his ursine features that of a Timber Crag native, a large mechanized crossbow in hand. His blue eyes staring through the air were chilling.

Finally behind them was a large armoured warrior, the sound of his rusted, but full plated metal could be heard as he moved.

Dahab gave a smirk, "Ulìá, West, and Tech. Glad you could all make it, the best bounty hunters a man can buy in all the lands, other than maybe Sunder…”

“Sunder is a Momma’s boy,” West said, laughing at his own joke. “We don’t need ‘em. Nor Oruvand’s punk kid either. We’re more than enough to deal with the individual in question.”

“Well go find him then,” Dahab urged them. “Go find him and bring him back to me and I’ll give you his weight in gold. I'll even throw in some choice slaves if you can catch him within the day! He and his companions couldn’t have gotten far, so they can’t have much of a lead now can they?"

Vaggs was the first to set off, immediately following the trail of the heroes, West right behind him, nostrils flared, sniffing for the unusual scent of Reise. Ickle took to the skies, scratching up a bit of Dahab's roof, and Ulìá smiled before slithering away, leaving Dahab alone with Tech.

"Why are you still here?" He sneered at the armoured man before him.

Tech looked down at the slaver, "May we speak in your office, privately?"

Dahab gave a groan of annoyance, "Yes, follow me." The two entered the building.

After a moment, the armored warrior walked back out. "A man with no magic, but who used a door to mysteriously disappear? Sounds like someone I’ve tangled with before, and last saw in Warfall."

Tech followed after the other elite hunters. His target was simple, the man who could only be Horo Inu.

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