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Summary: The Head of The Church of The Fair Lady.

The Mother

Gender: female

Age: 20-30

Group: Priests/Priestess


The Church of The Fair Lady


The Mother (leader of the church)


Blonde hair, Crystal blue eyes covered by a black blindfold, blind. ornate white robes and head piece, carries a large staff with a cross and scales.


Very kind and upbeat but deep down is troubled by her past, she is the head of the church but doesn't run every aspect of it.

Brief History

Daughter of the leader of The Watch. Her whole village was razed to the ground, and she was kidnapped for her rare beauty and her age meaning she'd have a long life meaning lots of value, along with her fathers prized sword collection. One of them even insultingly tossing his rusted blade aside and taking her fathers ceremonial blade. Laying bound and gagged on a cabin floor there was a knock in the door. The first death she only heard a scream. The rest she saw, as a boy from her village that she had frequently played with slaughter them all. He was like a beast, something she'd never seen in the gentle blacksmith's boy. She saw everything and wouldn't talk about it. Plagued by nightmares for years she lost her sight. The boy was afraid he couldn't take care of her and took her to a The Church of The Fair Lady. Where they took care of her and raised her. They say beauty in her blindness and connection to divine magics and she became the vessel of The Fair Lady, called The Mother, because The Fair Lady takes in all the children of the world. The Church of the Fair Lady is an all female ran church with no males in positions of power.


Staff is secretly a sword.


Spectral vision: if she focuses hard enough she can see vague blobbish outlines of people. Though it only used for a few people.


Weakness: Blind
Fear: Sunder dying

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

Those with out sight are the best judge of character.

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Image of The Mother
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