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Summary: Choose your words wisely...please.

Ola Denholm

Gender: Female

Age: unknown

Group: Monsters/Threats


Pre-Zataran civilisation
The one who holds the bottle


2nd Generation Jinn


Appears to be a Zatharan but has red eyes, white hair, and golden tanned skin but otherwise her features match the usual characteristics of a Zataran. Intricate tattoos on her shoulders and upper thighs.


Happy, carefree but gets bored easily when she has companions. After being trapped alone in a bottle for so long having something to do she dreads going back to having nothing to do.

Brief History

Her history is a long one. Thousands of years long. What is known about her is that she's been passed from owner to owner for an incredibly very long time. That is until her last owner hid her away. Until her pleas for wishes drove him to attempt to sell her off to some poor sucker.


Her bottle


Granting wishes, bending reality (to a degree) to do so.


Fears: granting poorly worded wishes.
Weakness: Monkey’s Paw style wishes. Forced by some weird bit of magic to make her wishes rhyme. Wishes must follow her rule book. (given to the owner as long as they own her bottle)

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

Wanna make a wish?

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Image of Ola Denholm
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